Hot Desk

Book a desk when you need it most! Our Hot Desks give you the opportunity to work in a community-focused environment and allow you to contribute to the overall atmosphere of CoLab. Bounce ideas off each other, network, and work for yourself without being by yourself!

$175/month (part time)
$293/month (full time)

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Best For

  • Freelancers and consultants
  • Remote workers
  • Entrepreneurs

You'll get...


Work hard when you need to without the hassle of worrying about where you will work, or if you will have access to the resources you need.


Connect with like-minded people in the community and network, learn, educate, and develop opportunities together!

Access to Events

Always be growing and always be learning! With exclusive access to all events, connect with members and learn how to better operate your business venture, project, or budding idea.

Office Essentials

Enjoy access to the tools and equipment our coworking space provides! Take advantage of on-site resources and amenities while enjoying your Hot Desk.


  • High speed wireless internet
  • 24 hour access
  • Shared kitchenettes
  • Security cameras
  • Free coffee, tea & snacks
  • Community & networking events
  • Access to meeting rooms & lounge
  • Outdoor workspace
  • Phone booths
  • Scanner, printer, photocopier, & fax

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CoLab Mississauga is the only coworking space in Mississauga. It has been planned with small businesses and start-ups in mind.

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